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For individuals with missing or severely damaged teeth, there are several options available today to achieve a healthy, beautiful, and fully-functional smile. At Gair Dentistry, our leading dentist, Dr. S Bradley Gair is committed to providing quality dental restorations for our Twinsburg community. His team’s dedication is reflected in the compassionate approach they take while providing customized solutions to improve overall oral health and restore the natural beauty of patients’ smiles. 

If you have damaged or missing teeth, we hope that you will consider the skilled team at Gair Dentistry and encourage you to call our dental practice today! We look forward to rejuvenating the health and aesthetics of your smile! 

Your Restorative Options from Dr. S. Bradley Gair 

Just as every patient is unique, so is the restorative needs of their smile. When developing your personalized restorative plan, Dr. Gair and his team keep your specific requirements in mind. We insist on only using the highest-quality materials, such as reliable porcelain, for our restorative treatments to ensure completely natural-looking results.

Whether you are in need of single tooth repair, looking to replace multiple teeth, or restoring an entire arch, Dr. Gair and his team are here to help you obtain a confident smile. 

New and existing patients can take advantage of the following restorative options, which include: 

Enamel-Colored Composite Fillings- Tooth-colored fillings repair damage or fractures on teeth. Because these restorations bond directly to enamel, they are resistant to wear. Dr. Gair will blend shades to create the perfect color to match your healthy teeth, restoring the natural beauty of your smile.

Crowns- We offer crowns made of high-quality, durable porcelain designed to mimic natural teeth to maintain a life-like appearance.

We also utilize these reliable restorations to complete dental implant treatment. A crown is affixed to the titanium posts that serve as artificial tooth roots. For patients looking to replace a single missing tooth, an implant-supported restorative crown is an ideal solution. 

Bridges- When two or more teeth are missing, we offer porcelain bridges. These restorations replace a short row of missing teeth by using crowns placed on surrounding structures as a foundation. This creates a literal “bridge” between the remaining teeth and the absent teeth which restores dental function and provides natural-looking results.

Dentures- Our traditional, non-surgical full-denture prosthetic appliances are custom crafted to replace the entire smile. A partial denture is an option for restoring sizable gaps within a smile. Full and partial dentures stay in place using natural suction or metal clasps that wrap around any remaining teeth.

Root Canal Therapy- Dr. Gair will perform root canal therapy when an infection has developed beyond the enamel and into the inner pulp tissue. Root canal therapy is designed to save as much of the tooth as possible and alleviate pain caused by inflammation.

Tooth Extractions- When teeth suffering from advanced decay cannot be saved with endodontic treatment. Dr. Gair performs gentle tooth extractions, so neighboring teeth are preserved and protected. Our Twinsburg dentist also extracts wisdom teeth, which allows for more space and prevents overcrowding.

The Many Advantages of Implant-Supported Restorations at Gair Dentistry 

With over 30 years in the field, Dr. S. Bradley Gair has established a highly skilled network of trusted oral surgeons and periodontists, including our implant placement specialist. Attending dental school alongside with him, Dr. Gair has complete trust in our specialist and can ensure accurate, successful implant placement. 

Patients are given time to heal as the dental implant posts, acting as artificial tooth roots, and must properly fuse to jawbone. Once the titanium implant posts have healed completely, our team invites you back to our practice to affix your custom-crafted prosthetic.

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Dr. S. Bradley Gair and his highly skilled team are committed to helping patients achieve healthy functional smiles after tooth loss or damage. To schedule your comprehensive consultation, call our Twinsburg dental practice today! 

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